Receipt Story


I was going to have some sorbie with my friend at a teahouse across school and I agreed to wait for him at the hall lobby. He was taking longer than I expected so I sat on a bench, started to get bored, and began to think of things to do.

I fished my phone out of my pocket. I could tweet, post a photo in Instagram, check my Facebook account, visit my blog, read on iBooks, or play a game. But my battery was running low at 15% and I might need it for more important purposes since I was going out. I put my phone back in my pocket.

I wanted to read “Hamlet”. I opened my bag. It wasn’t there. I suddenly remembered that I put it on my bedside table before going out. 

I wanted to sketch. I looked for my notebook. I left it in my study. I started looking for paper. I realized I have receipts so I took my wallet, got a couple of them, put my wallet back inside, and closed my bag. 

I took my pen from my pocket and I started to draw the tree in front of me. No, I can’t draw a tree. I decided to write. I decided to write this. 

I wrote this because I wanted to do something and this is the way where I can do something. I pursued in doing this because I understood what I wanted to do. Then I share it with you, because I am simply happy with what I did. 

As I was writing this, I realized how we allow ourselves to think more about things when we sit down, relax , wander, wonder, wonder, and wonder until we begin to understand. Giving time to ask ourselves and understand what we want leads us to the direction that we need pursue. And with this, I’d like to think I’ll eventually end up in a happy place. Because. 

LIttle did I know that my conversation with my friend over sorbie will be the “ultimate” version of my receipt story. I say “ultimate” because we talked about my life and/or my career perse. We sat down, we relaxed ourselves with sorbie, we wander on random thoughts, until we wonder on the making of my very own story. I asked, he answered, and I now understand what I really want. I now understand how I can someday put my hands on what I want. 

I know it will be a loooong way but I am signing up for this. I know it is a battle out there but I’ll do this anyway. Hard work and courage!

Whistle on, Kat


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