Rainbow Creations

It is raining cats and dogs here in the Philippines so my mom thought that it is about time for her to get a hand on a pair of shoes suitable for the weather. I let her check on Melissa last Sunday. I personally have a pair which I bought two years ago that I use almost every day at school, rain or shine. I must say my pair is super sturdy — it is still in one piece until today. Moreover, Melissa has a wide range of selections with each one in a fashionable design. No awkward feeling of wearing “just” plastic so you actually get a lot more than the price you paid. After my mom purchased a simple black one with a little shiny ribbon on top, the sales lady handed us a freebie — Melissa’s 2013 magazine: Plastic Rainbow.
I opened the magazine the next morning and I my eyes suddenly became ecstatic with what they were seeing.
Aaahh! COLOURS! So much colours it feels like a dream! The magazine kept on giving me surprises as I happily turn to each page. I swear, my eyes kept growing and growing.
IMG_2554 IMG_2549
These images are Melissa’s inspiration for their new collection. I wonder what I can do with the same visuals. Hmmm…a couple of things are going on in my mind right now 🙂
Imagine how these can become something else, something beautiful. We use them to create something new, giving the people of the world another piece of inspiration where new things can also come from. Another wonder of life, I have to say.
I am really looking forward to use these images one day. I’m curious about the one thing I could create from a million possibilities. Create yours too! It will definitely be fun! *Winks*
Whistle on, Kat

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