Missing Summer


We had a sweet, rainy afternoon in Manila today so we decided to stop for bread and coffee before heading to a store to buy some clothes that my favorite fashion designer, Camille Co, designed. I was too excited and hungry at the same time but I opted to fill my tummy first to prolong my excitement (Oh no, am I a masochist?!). I was thinking that maybe filling my tummy with some bread will calm myself. Yes, it did…but not for long. I will tell you my story later on. Keep reading 🙂

So this chilly weather made me think about summer. This year was the best and I realized how I miss it soooooo much! Here are some snapshots of my Summer 2013.


This was in Puerto Princesa, Palawan when our family went island hopping. The island at our back is Cowrie Island where we made our first stop. Swimming at the ocean with me is my sister and my little brother.


This is how my siblings make fun of me — burying me in the sands of Pandan Island! Oh no, am I a mean sister?? I should be not! Hey, I’m the one who’s making their homework and presentations sometimes! *Rolls my eyes*


Next, we went to Pambato Reef Snorkeling where I had fun the most. Here we got to see amazing underwater creatures. I feel so bad about not knowing how to swim so I could have freed myself from the lifejacket and had the chance to chase these fishes. Oh, how fun would that be! But no, I am so bad at swimming that I got a C in P.E. (LOL! I’m still happy I passed, though.)



Two (bad) shots of a rich and abundant reef. I really do have to go back one day and take photos of this with a much better camera. I’m sorry, our family was in a hurry then that we didn’t get to bring a camera so we ended up renting a digicam on the way because it would definitely be a sin not to capture such picturesque.


After Palawan, we had another family summer outing. This time in our hometown in Batangas. I was with my mom, my siblings, my grandparents, and my cousin.


Clear skies and beautiful waters as we ride the motorboat from the port to the beach resort.


Hello, sunset! Isn’t it gorgeous? I so love this. The feel of the water during this time was heavenly, made even perfectly by our silhouettes dancing in the waves and the echoes of our voices. We actually saw the sun set! Too amazing! Aaah! Nostalgia is hitting me. I MISS THIS.


My brother and sister riding a boat in the after sunset.


My mom took this photo. Yes, she’s a faux photographer. I think I am too 🙂


And after a looong day and a restful sleep, here’s what greeted my sight when I opened the cottage door. All I managed to say was, “Wow.”

We had more summer getaways but I don’t have the photos right now. This was definitely the best summer. Yet. The season gave us the chance to bond as a family — experiencing and discovering new things together. These moments will be forever treasured.

Sipping coffee in the chilly afternoon rain with my sister and parents while reminiscing my summer made me realize how blessed and happy I am to have them beside me, rain or shine. Through the experiences that I’ve been through even at the young age of eighteen, I have already learned that there is no one else I can turn to but to them. There will be no other people as supporting, as understanding, as nurturing, and as loving as them.

P.S. …and as tolerating as them when I found out in the store that Camille Co’s collection isn’t released in the malls yet. I almost cried. I whined for many hours.

But thank God, it’s available online already! I placed my order a few hours ago. Yay! I’ll blog about it when I received the package. Thank you for taking time to read my post. Love you all.

Whistle on, Kat


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