This is Kat Buted

Hi, everyone! So I decided to create my own blog simply because I had an epiphany today. It was the late afternoon of August 14, 2013 when suddenly everything came into light and I just knew exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life.


You see, I want to do a LOT of things. I want to write, I want to take photos, I want to make films, I want to design houses and productions, I want to act, I want to sing, I want to cook, I want to be a gym buff, I want to be an endorser.

Yes, all these things I can do (except for cooking, go to gym, and pass as an endorser) which is why you can call me the jack of all traits but the master of none. But not for long, I hope. Because this time I do have a direction. This time I am ready to learn more and be better in the things that I am passionate to do.

I want to blog because I want to share my journey with you as I learn, struggle, and learn, and struggle, and learn. Let us all enjoy (and make fun of, sometimes) how we all grow up to be the kind of persons we want to be. This is Kat Buted (Katrin Erika Alcantara Buted) and thank you for reading my post. I hope you continue to read my next posts and join me as we all continue to fully discover ourselves while doing the things we love most and being with the people we care about most.

Whistle on, Kat


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